A video sculpture by Benton C Bainbridge portrays Allyssa Jill across 3 stacked CRT monitors in a gallery.
Benton C Bainbridge: Life-Size Allyssa Jill, 2018

Paris au printemps (et en été)

17-23 June, 2021

Curator Alaina Simone has selected work by Benton C Bainbridge for Andrew Freedman Home at CADAF Paris.

"Power to the People features three media artworks by Benton C Bainbridge that exhibit his experimentation with media and technology: Weaving 5d (from a series of 14 short digital media pieces), Life-Size Allyssa Jill (a 3-channel chromatic video installation of a human figure in variant motions) and Just a Sec—a collaboration with Jeff Carpenter (a lenticular print dissecting a second of time displayed physically). The artist’s handcrafted media artworks are created in his custom-built video synth studio in the Bronx, New York. Eschewing the precision of digital imaging tech, Bainbridge presents these rough-edged, noisy and imprecise compositions as an impractical—yet more approachable—alternative to the cold-calculation of traditional media art."
-Alaina Simone

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