photos: Laura Hutson, Bainbridge

“Below an old television set atop a pedestal sits several stacks of 50 bright orange VHS tapes, each with hand written descriptions in blue sharpie. The same handwriting appears on the pedestal, providing an invitation for the viewer to “Please touch.” In contrast to the standard “do not touch” policy of most art galleries and museums, Benton C Bainbridge’s video installation SUPER LONG PLAY! at Seed Space welcomes interaction. You’re encouraged to choose from the tactile orange tapes, pop one in the VHS player, and manipulate the controls as you wish. Each tape contains a 15-minute ‘electronic sketchbook’ of real-time recordings of rehearsals and studies, united by the theme of people and pixels in motion, painted with live electronics.” -Rachel Bubis

Super Long Play! at Seed Space, Nashville, TN, May 12 – June 20, 2012

T-15 VHS tapes from the exhibition are available via Seed Space CSArt program and directly from Adrienne Outlaw’s Seed Space Gallery. The Seed Space Catalog documents all exhibitions from 2010-2013, including SLP!

“The work encourages viewers to wonder how a child’s creativity and playfulness changes as they become an adult…Bainbridge and his collaborators found a way to “play” on the nostalgia of time and technology. Their methods revive the medium to show the fresh possibilities that one can encounter using the archaic technologies of yesterday in the vein of contemporary art today.” -Rehema Barber

“This installation is rad and BCB is a straight-up cool dude. A very happening opening on Saturday night.” – Joe Nolan